What is Beyond Words?

Beyond Words is Hartford Public Library’s annual signature fundraising event. The Library goes beyond words, every day, with diverse and transformative programs and services for our community.  All of our locations offer a welcoming, inspiring, and nurturing environment for people to learn, connect and engage… and all for free. We are truly a place like no other.

Why support Hartford Public Library?

It's summed up in our mission - to provide free resources that inspire reading, guide learning, and encourage individual exploration.

We are a place where more than 409,000 books, CDs, and DVDs circulate…  a place where 67,100 people come to attend free programs, including events such as Baby Grand Jazz… a place that last year saw over 850,000 visits.

Your support allows us to transform lives and communities because knowledge is empowering!

Daily, Hartford Public Library:

•    Connects people to information and connects people to people. We are a safe haven for kids when school is not in session, offering after school homework help, games, and book clubs. We offer classes and workshops that enable youth and adults to stay engaged in an ever-changing world.

•    Levels the playing field. We are a great democratic institution, serving people of every age, income level, location, ethnicity, or physical ability, while providing the full range of information resources needed to live, learn, govern, and work.

•    Is a place for community engagement and a stage for great minds to come together. The way our customers use the library is changing as fast as technology is changing society. We have rapidly become a main venue for creation and collaboration and personal fulfillment in the city of Hartford.

Thank you for supporting Beyond Words and Hartford Public Library.

For more information contact Gilda Roncari, Director of Donor Relations, 860.695.6296 or email groncari@hplct.org

The Caroline M. Hewins Medal recognizes an individual who embraces the City of Hartford and its people, who breaks the mold and provides service of a revolutionary kind, who stretches the boundaries of a social or cultural institution with a humanistic approach to public service, and who shows strong guardianship of and advocacy for the basic right of equal access to information and opportunity.

Caroline Maria Hewins was a revolutionary librarian and advocate who helped establish the Hartford Public Library and significantly enlarge the very idea of what a public library could be in America. She came to Hartford at age 29 in 1875 to serve as librarian at the Young Men's Institute of Hartford, worked through its merger with Hartford Library Association four years later, then oversaw the institution's transition to a free public library serving all the city's citizens in 1892. She served as librarian until her passing in 1925, helping embody her belief that everyone should have access to libraries, books, and the gateway to learning and opportunity which they represent.